Yassoo Menu

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Lamb Shank in Tomato Sauce Plate: Rice, Vegetable, Salad, and Pita Bread 15 tickets
Chicken Kabob Plate, Rice, Vegetable, Salad: and Pita Bread 11 tickets
Gyro Plate: Rice, Green Beans, and Salad 10 tickets
Pastistio Plate: Rice, Vegetable, Salad, and Pita Bread 10 tickets
Vegetarian Plate: 1/2 Spinach Pie, 1 Tiropita, 3 Meatless Grape Leaves, Vegetable, Salad, and Pita Bread 10 tickets
Chicken Kabob Sandwich 6 tickets
Gyro Sandwich 6 tickets
Pastistio 6 tickets
Greek Salad and Pita Bread 5 tickets
Dolmades (Grape Leaves) with Meat 3 for 5 tickets
Dolmades (Grape Leaves) without Meat 3 for 4 tickets
Spinach Pie 4 tickets
Tiropites 2 for 3 tickets
Hot Dog/Coney Dog   with Potato Chips 3 tickets
Soft Drink or Bottled Water 2 tickets


Glika—Greek Pastries  
Baklava—buttered layers of nuts, filo, spices and syrup 2 tickets
Kourambiethes—butter cookies dusted with powdered sugar 1 ticket
Melomakarona—Cookies dipped in honey with nuts on top 1 ticket
Koulourakia—Braided butter cookies 6 for 2 tickets
Paximathia—Greek Biscotti 6 for 2 tickets
Various other pastries As marked
Kafenio—Coffee Shop  
American Coffee 1 ticket
Greek Coffee 3 tickets
Frappe—Greek Iced Coffee 4 tickets
Frozen Mocha Goddess Coffee 4 tickets
SaganakiFlaming Greek Cheese 5 tickets
Loukaniko—Greek Sausage 5 tickets
Hot Dog/Coney Island with Chips 3 tickets
Greek Pizza—Kasseri Cheese and Greek Sausage on Pita Bread 8 tickets
Loukoumades—Balls of fried dough dipped in honey 6 for 3 tickets
Domestic Beer 4 tickets
Specialty Beers 5 tickets
Wine by the Glass 5 tickets
Wine by the Bottle 20 tickets
Wine Tasting 1 ticket
Ouzo 4 tickets
Ouzo/Wine Slushies 5 tickets
Soft Drinks 2 tickets
Bottled Water 2 tickets